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Nov 21, 2010 11:17 AM

Going to the Christkindlmarket as part of school trip. Is there a decent QUICK lunch to try nearby?

School trip that I agreed togo with to watch over some kids. Thinking that I needed to bring a brown bag lunch as a backup anyway, but is there something nearby that I could do a quick stop in with a coupe of kids that they might also enjoy?

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  1. How about Hannah's Bretzels at 180 W Washington?

    180 W Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602

    1. As opposed to eating at the market itself? A schnitzel or sausage sandwich should have universal appeal.

      1. There are lots of food options at the market - plan to eat there!

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          Macy's is nearby. There is a foodcourt in the basement and another on the 7th floor. There are several options there. For my money though, I love the Schnitzel at the market. There are plenty of kid friendly options there too, like hotdogs.

        2. Eat at the market! Get the kilometer with mustard. And the fried potatoes. Can't wait....

          1. Yep, as it has already been said, "Eat at the market".