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Nov 21, 2010 10:32 AM

Breakfast Burritos in West LA?

Any one know of a good place to get Breakfast Burritos in West LA/Santa Monica? There's one place I know of at Santa Monica and Bundy, but I find their breakfast burritos lacking.

I did a search, but the only information I found seemed out of date.


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  1. The only place I tend to get breakfast burritos on the westside is Tacos Por Favor. They're pretty good.

    Tacos Por Favor
    1406 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404

    1. Don't know if you're looking for some sort of standard or "traditional" breakfast burrito - is there a standard? Anyway, Bower's Sausages sells both their sausages and prepared food using their sausages at various farmers markets. I've never gotten one but they look like there's enough to feed at least two pretty hungry people, and it's definitely one of the more popular prepared food items that I see shoppers eating at the tables. Shredded cheddar is grilled while a flour tortilla is laid on the coagulating glob, and more cheddar is laid on the tortilla. They then put on a scrambled egg/home fries mix, then the sausage - your choice - and grilled onions on request. They usually have at least a half-dozen varieties of sausages to choose from.

      1. In Mar Vista you should give Gallegos Mexican Deli a try.

        Gallegos Mexican Deli
        12470 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

        1. There's a truck that parks in front of AAA on that weird stretch of Centinela just south of Olympic. Good breakfast burrito w/ my minimum 3 requirements: **hash browns**, at least 1 meat, and of course, eggs. This one comes w/ sausage, bacon and ham! (little bits of each, but the combinatino really works) Can't remember if there's cheese involved but that's not a requirement for me...

          1. Kinda random, and in Culver City which isn't exactly West LA, but a coworker of mine got me hooked on the $3.95 monster breakfast burritos at Tom's #5, at Robertson and Venice...Inc. Eggs, cheese, hashbrowns and choice of meat

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              There's another Tom's (#1 in this case) on Pico near 23rd in Santa Monica. I wonder if their burrito is up to the same level of edible nirvana as the Tom's you frequent? If so it would be in the geographically preferred area.

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                One other thought. Campos Burritos on the corner of 20th and Pico in Santa Monica has an extensive lineup of breakfast burritos: