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Oct 31, 2005 11:03 AM


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A friend asked me "What's hot in Westwood?"

I have no idea, my first thought is "Nothing's ever hot in Westwood."

Can anyone help?


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  1. Depends on what you're looking for (cuisine, price-range, environment, etc.).

    I asked a similar question a while ago about reasonably-priced "good" food in Westwood and the Gardens on Glendon was suggested - tried it, loved it, will go back soon. Price range was about 40/person for one entree and one non-alcoholic drink, sharing 2 appetizers w/ 2 other people and including tax and tip. The crowd is not the UCLA-aged crowd but a bit older (30-50).

    Someone a while ago had a good posting about Tanino - the Italian place.

    I also like Elysees for breakfast/brunch.

    Stay away from EuroChow.

    1. I eat in the Village all the time.

      There's nothing hot.

      Except ...

      (And I know you won't believe me) ... Whole Foods.

      I eat there like once a week and it's always packed (though the lines move really fast). They've got a fresh sandwich spot, a salad bar, a hot food bar and a counter with other hot items.

      Lame, I know.

      Not what you are looking for, I know.

      But Whole Foods is hot in Westwood.

      (BTW - Sometimes I think there is a modeling agency nearby because there are always some very good looking customers in there. I go with my wife, but if you're single, it looks like a nice place to share a table.)

      There are some other okay places to eat, but none are hot.

      1. By "hot" are you meaning trendy hot or good hot?

        Makes a big big difference.

        I've worked in Westwood for way many years than I care to count. In Westwood proper, we go to Noodle Planet and EastWest Sandwich. I confess that we eat both places alot. I've never had food there that wasn't fresh and delicious, whether a sandwich, from the buffet or off the menu.

        On the other side of Wilshire, heading down Westwood, we like Sunnin [right at Santa Monica]. Honestly, it easier to say what we don't like---the faux french place near Borders, the Indian place with a buffet on the other side of the street[the BLANDEST indian food I have ever tasted, though my office seems to love it], etc etc etc

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          I'm not sure what he means by hot but let's assume "good" and new-ish.

        2. We eat at Acapulco's -- nice comfortable family-like atmosphere with friendly and fast service, good food, portions are huge and price is right. Dinner's all we've tried, but locals said lunch buffet is great, too.
          We tried the brewpub just up the street, trendy but prices were high for not that tasty of food. We like a good value meal with comfortable atmosphere rather than pricey.

          1. Shamshiri (excellent Persian) and Noodle Planet.

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              Second Shamshiri. Lunches are large, and my one dinner there got me two whole meals, and I consider myself a big eater for my size.

              1. re: Dogbite Williams

                had an excellent dinner at shamshiri last night.
                third the recommendation