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Nov 21, 2010 09:37 AM

Nantucket Bay Scallops

From what I understand these are only in season for a few weeks... does anyone know where to get them? I found some at Citrella for $30/lb. but I'm sure they are being sold somewhere else for around $20.

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  1. Years ago I got some from Fish Tales, Court St, Bklyn. I do remember the season being very short and I do remember paying a bunch. Fish Tales prices can get into Manhattan range. No diss on them. I like them a lot.
    Their regular diver scallops are probably up around $16 by now--haven't gotten them in a while.

    Fish Tales
    191 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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    1. re: JonL

      Fish Tales does indeed have them now, I got them last week, though they are very expensive, $32/lb. I got a 1/4lb just to see what they were all about; definitely tasty but I can't see myself actually spending that much again.

      Fish Tales
      191 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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        Wow amazing I eat 1/2lb raw the other day!!! Fresh squeezed lemon and tabasco!!! YUMMMMM...

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          @ fishermb--that was my deal when I got them--Alex was rolling his eyes about how good they were, I got a half pound, they were definitely real good, I don't expect to do it again.

      2. Nantucket and Peconic Bay scallops are among the finest seafoods in the world. Perfect raw, but when broiled they get a caramelized crust that is fantastic. I have seen Nantuckets go as high as $40/lb...Peconics are harder to find, but should be less. I don't know how long the Nantucket season is, but the season for Peconic stretches on to March. However, by then they are not as tasty. The main season is November.

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          Blue Moon has Peconics for $23 at their usual greenmarket locations.

        2. Get them from the source! Call Sayle's Seafood on Nantucket -- they'll pack them and ship them to you. 508-228-4599. Keep in mind, scallops are not plentiful here this season, and that will affect the price.