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Nov 21, 2010 09:10 AM

Your advice on roasting squab

Hello all,

I'm making Julia Child's recipe for coquelets sur canapés this Thanksgiving and using fresh squab from D'Artagnan. Julia's recipe calls for 10-12 oz squab but the ones I'm getting are going to be a bit heavier, 16-18 oz. Does anyone have suggestions on how I should roast them to control for that difference in weight? Any advice about preparing them would be greatly appreciated as it's my first time preparing squab. Quite comfortable roasting chicken so this is probably not a great departure but I wanted to make sure I prep correctly.

Thank you!

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  1. You will just need to roast the tasty little guys a bit longer. It really should not effect your recipe much at all.

    1. If you want to do fancy... I made squab salmi in cooking school - there is a recipe online on leite's culinaria -
      Basically the squab is partially roasted, and then finished in a sauce - it's very good and rich! Here's a picture of one serving from cooking school - a little formal for me - but the teacher liked it! My cooking partner that day was good at formal plating.