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Nov 21, 2010 07:25 AM

Price of kosher salt

The price of kosher salt at no frills is $4.99, three times the price of sea salt. Is this normal? I thought it's cheaper to make kosher salt? Could someone shed some light?



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  1. The price seems in are getting 1.5 kg box(approx).. Sea salt is way more expensive. I have Maldon salt and it was $8 for maybe 250 g...worth the price though..normal table salt..good for baking and that's it ...imho


    1. If your reason for buying kosher salt is culinary rather than religious or ethnic, there is only one brand to consider, Diamond Crystal, from the U.S.
      More common is Windsor kosher salt, and much less expensive, but it meets the religious standards.
      Diamond Crystal is derived from a unique open crystal in Arkansas, and is well suited to cooking and serving foods. It doesn't have any other features better than Windsor, just the shape and texture of the crystals.
      Here is a link
      I buy mine at Diana's Seafood

      Diana's Seafood
      2101 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R, CA

      1. That box of kosher salt, the kind jayt90 refers to, lasts a REALLY long time. I think we're still on the same box now after a year or two and we do a fair amount of cooking. So it's a deal to me.

        1. The kosher salt at the Bulk Barn is a good deal, I basically use it for my everyday stuff, plus Maldon for finishing.