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Nov 21, 2010 07:13 AM

Pizza Hangout - Bensonhurst

I've stopped by there a few times for a quick lunch, they do an EXTREMELY Thin Crust (Almost Crackerlike) But I really Like it!
I've only had the Margherita, but they make all kinds.....
They don't sell by the slice, but rather by the "Quarter Pie" which is 2 slices :P
I give it a Thumbs up.....Anyone else care to chime in with their opinions???

2151 Bath Avenue (Bensonhurst)

(And NO, I don't work for them...


Pizza Hangout
2151 Bath Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214

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  1. I've passed by it several times. They have unusual toppings, such as soujouk, the Middle Eastern sausage, because they are Arab-owned, halal, and probably cater to the growing local Muslim community on Bath Avneue (there is a halal Chinese place opening up across the street from them).