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Nov 21, 2010 06:58 AM

Jeanne A. in the 11th: By my lights, pretty darn exciting.

Jeanne A., 42 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud in the 11th (Metro: Oberkampf), closed Tuesday-Thursday is an off-shoot of next door's Astier which internautes tend to hate but the oldest French friend I have in Paris and I went today and were very impressed by the pumpkin soup, bio tomato salad, 1/4 chicken and sliced duck with fine desserts. Not a mis-step all meal. Our bill was 76 E and pix are at

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  1. Addendum: on exiting I bought a few slices of lomo and one tomato and one zucchini stuffed with chopped veggies which we had tonight. Quite nice. Their display case of everything from oysters to charcuterie was worth the trip - only 5 more days!