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Nov 21, 2010 06:50 AM

Best place to buy specialty baking supplies?

Hello Everyone...
I am going to try my hand at making decorated sugar cookies a la Martha Stewart for the holidays and I am looking for a place that sells specialty baking supplies in the Montreal/Laval area....things such as cookie cutters ( special shapes like snowflakes, angels, etc...), sanding sugar, royal icing, gold dragees, etc. Any help is much appreciated.


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  1. Try France Decor at 290 Henri-Bourassa O. They seem to carry pretty much everything! Good luck.

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    1. I think this goes without saying but I think Ares will also definitely have what you are looking for. I have seen all those items there.

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        Thanks. I've been there. I find Ares (at least the one in Laval) is not that great. And it is also quite overpriced.

      2. You say you are looking for royal icing. Were you thinking ready made royal icing or powdered egg whites to make royal icing? All the other things on your list are available at most kitchen stores and can be found most times at places like winners or walmart.

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        1. re: hala

          ready made...I tried making it myself once and it was a disaster....

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            not sure about ready made RI. Try calling vixit and ares and see what they say.

            IGA has in the baking section tubes of ready made cookie icing. A bigger IGA will have more options in terms of colors.

        2. You can find cookie cutters almost anywhere (Wal-Mart, Zellers, probably even dollar store), they usually have snowflakes and angels at this time of the year, but Ares has a very large selection if you want something different.

          1. La Soupiere usually has some nice cookie cutters. I recall getting a set of stars of various sizes in a tin from the one on St-Catherine and some nice individual ones from the one on Mont-Royal. If you're going to do fancy decorating, often just crinkly circles in different sizes are a good idea because it gives you lots of room to play with different fancy designs.