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Nov 21, 2010 05:44 AM

Port Recommendation for Christmas Present?

I'd like to get a bottle of port for my dad. He enjoys port but is not a connoisseur, and I'd like to spend $50 or less. Any suggestions?

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  1. It would help if we had an example of the kind of Porto that he usually enjoys -- that way, our recommendations would be more suited to HIS palate, rather than ours (i.e.: "well, I like X," or "oh, this is <$50; that will work).

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    1. re: zin1953

      I had to ask my mother to do some reconnaissance, but found out that he likes tawney's aged at least 10 years.

      1. re: Aravisea

        Ramos Pinto 10 Year Tawny would be my pick of them.

    2. Port is a great gift. I would go to a local wine shop and see if they have any gems hidden, they could have some vintage or Late Bottled. It might be interesting to give him a gift of 10 yr, 20 yr and 30 yr. Or a basic Tawny and then maybe one nicer one. Or a Ruby and a Tawny.

      Taylor Fladgate, Graham's, Warre's, Dow, Sandeman. These are very easy to find.
      There are plenty of great Ports, even at your higher end groceries.

      1. My current fave is a Quinta Do Roriz 2001 which I picked at the Wine Library online for about $30.

        1. no specific recs from Asimov but an informative article which may be of help:

          1. Niepoort Tawny Port 20 Year Old is a great tawny!