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Nov 21, 2010 05:21 AM

our goodbye to tabla

Tabla has probably been our favorite restaurant over the last decade or so. Due to its price it still remains an occasion restaurant---birthday , anniv etc but we go at least once a year. We are and were upset to hear of its closing dec30th and made sure to get back one more time. We both ordered the tasting menu at 72$ vegeterian and one regular and it was excellent. In truth I remember the food being truly outstanding a few years back and feel that it might have slipped a notch to "just "excellent. There were 5 or 6 courses that were all close to great. No freebies thrown in but there was more than enough food. The highlights were probably apple/potato chat, sourdough nan,beets,duo of soups---at first the onion soup seemed plain but once you mixed it up a little it was outstanding as was the pumpkin seed soup and hamachi tartare. The "misses" really only included the way too strong lemon chutney in the trio of chutneys(the tomato and mango were both quite good), and possibly the scallops that my wife felt had too much ginger. The dessert -chocolate souffle with coconut ice cream was very good also. On the whole the service was as always great as was the room (upstairs looking over the park). Certainly not cheap ....about 250 with 4 drinks included and tip.
We will miss you

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  1. Friends of mine are big Tabla fans, so a bunch of us went to bid it adieu. I haven't been inside since my one trip to the Bread Bar the year it opened. I had the duo of soups and thought the pumpkin rasam was excellent, the five onion just ordinary. The soups were also on the cool side, not enough to send back, but not ideal. I enjoyed the black pepper prawns - the amount of heat was perfect for me, and the shrimp heads provided that extra "oomph." They were a bit overdone, though.

    The service was not up to snuff, maybe because we were a large party, maybe because the restaurant was packed. Everyone was very nice, but water glasses stood empty much too long, and drink re-orders weren't taken in a timely fashion. The food was very slow to arrive (I realize that might be the kitchen, but the cool-ish soup makes me think it isn't). And a couple of side dishes had to be tracked down when they didn't arrive with the entrees.

    And a gold star to the server who spotted me headed outside for a smoke and asked whether I wanted him to get my coat. When I said I hadn't brought the ticket with me, he offered to get me his own jacket. That was surprising, and awesome.