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Nov 21, 2010 04:48 AM

Rye Beers -- which ones have you liked?

Recently I have had a number of beers made with rye malt, usually a blend with barley malts.
Of course, I love the Hop Rod Rye from Bear Republic in Healdsburg, California. I have also liked the Hoss Rye Lager from Great Divide.

Apparently, rye malt is very difficult for brewers to work with and if not done properly, it can really gum up brewing equipment. I have heard stories of a number of rye malt disasters.

What rye beers have you liked a lot?

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  1. RugBrod from the Breuery. It comes the closest to drinking a Nordic/baltic real rye bread, the other (and some of them are quite good) are more like drinking a Jewish Rye, which is mainly a wheat bread w/carraway seeds. Not sure if this makes any sense to you but RugBroad is absolutely a great beer.

    1. I'm a big fan of Hop Rod as well. I've used rye in a few ales I've made but not enough to where the rye stands out for me. Brew your own magazine has an article about Kvass beer this month and includes beer recipes that call for rye and pumpernickel bread. I may have to try those out.

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        I don't hink Kvass is really a beer, while it's related to beer it has no alochol.

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          Kvass made in the traditional way does have alcohol.

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            Lower ABV...the recipes in the article are 3.5%, 3.8%, and 4.1%.

        2. Philadelphia Brewing Company makes a great Rye beer called Rowhouse Red. It pairs really well with lots of food. Of course, you can't get it anywhere outside of Philly, so unless you live here this is pretty much a pointless post! But if you come through, you should look for it. Very available and affordable here.

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            "Of course, you can't get it anywhere outside of Philly..."

            Philadelphia Brewing Co's beers are available in NJ, as well, distributed by Hunterdon which is a statewide wholesaler. Just picked up a bomber of their wet hopped "Harvest from the Hood" ale. I imagine their beers are available at least in the suburbs around Phila. if not the rest of Eastern PA. (their website's useless for that info, however).

          2. Love Hop Rod Rye. Actually, I absolutely love both rye beers and rye whiskey. There's a bit of spice, less sweetness, drier, and a mild tanginess. Rye beers seem to be relatively higher ABV.

            My favorite rye beers besides Hop Rod Rye are Sixpoint Righteous Rye by Sixpoint. My local brew and often available in NYC on cask. It's balanced, has a bit of a creaminess to it. It's better at cask temp. I don't think they bottle yet and am not sure about their level of national distribution....I also like Cane and Abel by Two Brothers. I little hoppier than the other two. Closer to an IPA.... And Lenny's RIPA from He'Brew. It's a big DIPA that is one of my favs. It's over the top. Definitely an extreme beer. Brewed by Smaltz out of San Fran. Home of the World Champion Giants.

            1. In the Southeast, Terrapin makes a widely distributed rye ale, which works nicely in th esummer months.