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Nov 21, 2010 03:52 AM

Pecan Pie bars


I would like to make a dessert resembling pecan pie this year but only a few people enjoy it in our house. We already have enough regular pies planned, so I was hoping to make something perhaps smaller for those that enjoy it.

Does anyone have a good recipe for pecan pie bars? So many recipes I have seen have almost half crust, half filling which seems like a lot of crust to me.

Also, can I make these the monday before thanksgiving (tom.) and then pop them in the freezer?


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  1. I should add that I made a pecan pie last year for everyone and it was burnt on the bottom- so I really need a simple but delicious recipe to redeem myself! Thanks

    1. I don't have my recipe on hand right now but I do know that you can freeze them. We make 2 pans of them every year and freeze them, (cut a big block, wrap in foil, place in zip-lock bag) until we're ready to dole them out. They're my favorite holiday cookie!

      1. If you could post your recipe when you get a chance that would be great. I can't wait to make the perfectly sweet and chewy bars! Thanks

        1. The pecan bars usually have a rich shortbread crust that you prebake before adding the pecan pie filling and finish baking, as opposed to using pie crust. Are you looking for something like that, or more like a pecan chewy bar? The crust doesn't have to be real thick, it really depends on how thin you pat it out in the pan, but if it's too thin, the bars will be fragile.

          Here's a link with a few different recipe versions. I prefer the first recipe with it's combo of light and dark corn syrup:

          Here's a pecan chewy bar recipe, the filling is thinner than a pie bar and chewier with plenty of pecans. I think of these more as a bar cookie than a pie bar, and make them for Christmas:

          These chewy bars freeze very well, the pie bars not so much.

          1. Cooks Illustrated has a great pecan bar recipe where you toast the nuts first and add a little bourbon or dark rum. If you have a subscription to their site, you can fine the recipe there. Here is a version posted in a blog that i found courtesy of google.