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Nov 21, 2010 01:13 AM

Cuban Restaurant Recommendation for birthday celebration; group of 10

Myself, my boyfriend, and 8 of our friends will be staying in Miami for 3 days prior to the departure of our cruise in early December. I'm in charge of making a restaurant reservation for our group on Friday night, for my boyfriend's 28th birthday. We will be staying downtown at the Hyatt, but will be going out later that night in South Beach - so either area of town would work.

I'm a bit overwhelmed by all of the restaurant options, I was hoping there would be an obvious choice! It seems like maybe Versailles could be a good fit in terms of mostly positive reviews/ambiance/and accommodations for a large group- but I'd appreciate any of your input. In terms of cuisine.. I'm really looking forward to trying a good Cuban sandwiches. Paseo in Seattle is my only real Cuban fare experience, but I'm completely in love.

Thanks in advance!

South Beach Cafe
121 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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  1. Versailles is probably your best option for an authentic cuban experience but is not really close to downtown or the beach (maybe 15min ride from downtown). D Rodriguez and Ola are two cuban options on south beach but im not sure how authentic they are (nor I have I eaten at either). Puerto Sagua on sobe is good but its dingy and not really where to celebrate a birthday. I work downtown and can tell you that the cuban options all pretty much suck (unless there is somewhere I am unaware of). If I had to choose, Id say take a shot at D Rod's for a more south beachy going out experience (you will likely have yummy food, authentic or not), or hop in a cab and head to versailles for an authentic relatively low key meal.

    Puerto Sagua Restaurant
    700 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    1. La Rosa II is another good choice It's been around a long time and is authentic. Not far from downtown -- about a 10 minute drive.

      La Rosa Restaurant
      4041 NW 7th St, Miami, FL 33126

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        There's a million and one good cuban restaurants in South Florida....some better than others.....but have to eat at one that's NOT at least pretty decent.......If you're touring the area....why not go to Versailles - - - the MOTHER CHURCH of Cuban food in South Florida?.....Food is very good.....Place has a neat buzz....and it's CAPITOL of CUBAN MIAMI........


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          Thank you everyone for your thoughtful replies! We ended up following your recommendations and taking a cab to Versailles. It had a great atmosphere, which made it a perfect spot for a large group and a birthday dinner. They even sang to my boyfriend, and presented him with an amazing little dessert, which was probably my favorite thing that we ate. We also really enjoyed the mojitos. Thanks again!