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Nov 20, 2010 10:52 PM

Dad's Birthday Coming Up...

And it looks like he'll be back here in Vegas to celebrate. Last year, he was wowed by dinner at Aureole... And I'm hoping this year can be just as great, if not possibly better.

Since I haven't splurged on The Strip in the while, I think I'll be heading back in that direction. (I live in Henderson, so we can do something here any other time.) And I'm on no sort of tight budget, but it would be nice to leave without possibly facing debtor's prison. ;-)

I've already taken him to nearly all the tourist-y hot spots, so I'm looking for something classier for the big birthday dinner.

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  1. Would Taste of Wynn at Alex be in your budget? Alex is my most favorite restaurant in LV.

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      Perhaps so! Thanks for reminding me. Oh, decisions, decisions...