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Blood Sausage / Black Pudding in Toronto?

Does anyone know where I can get blood sausage / black pudding / bloody congealed goodness in Toronto?

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  1. Pretty sure I saw blood sausage at Starsky (Mississauga location) the other day.

    2040 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4X, CA

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      Available at The Roti Hut at 351 Pitfield Road, Scarborough.

      Roti Hut
      351 Pitfield Rd, Toronto, ON M1S3E5, CA

    2. Superior Sausage, Dundas St. West, just west of Grace.

      1. many countries have a version of this delight...
        do you have a version in mind?

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          almost all of the Polish deli's on Roncensvalles have Blood Sausage

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            I imagine you are after the English version and here I am with a suggestion for morcilla, the South American version.

            El Emporio de la Carne
            2294 Keele Street

            There's other good chow in that area.

        2. The frozen product from Cumbrae's is quite excellent.

          481 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

          1. Black Pudding can be purchased at any Trinidadian or Guyanese owned West Indian Restaurant. such as Charlies and Drupati's,You can find more in the Share Magazine or other West Indian magazines.

            1. Think I saw it on the menu at Lickin Chicken, Airport Road. If not, lots of other goodness there.

              1. nota bene had it on their menu about a year ago (when i last went). It was quite delicious along with its accompaniments! .... but i'm not sure if they still have it. it is of the more "sausage-like" variety (european?) .... rather than the cube-like/smooth/runny variety (asian?)

                1. Filipino soup features "chocolate soup", i believe. that's what you're looking for.
                  there are some Filipino restos in Toronto, but i can't comment on the quality of food. Some are near Eg West subway stn on Eglinton

                  1. Vienna Fine Foods

                    1050 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough, ON M1K 1S4

                    1. I've had it at High Street Fish and Chips, 66 Underhill (Lawrence/DVP area).

                      High Street
                      55 Underhill Dr, Toronto, ON M3A2J8, CA

                      1. It also appears frequently on The Black Hoof and Hoof Cafe menus, with variations.

                        The Black Hoof
                        928 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

                        1. If you are looking for the Scottish version, you can try the But 'n' Ben Bakery and Butcher in Scarborough. I think it is on Ellesmere Road. Here is their website
                          I get mine there and quite like it.

                          1. every grocery in little portugal has the portugese version, either sweet or hot. i get the sweet and it's pretty close to the scottish stuff i grew up with (although they use rice instead of oats i think)