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Nov 20, 2010 09:28 PM

Recommendations: Low to mid priced restaurants in the Laconia, NH area

Going to a conference in late April in Laconia, NH at The Margate on the lake.

Never been to NH and so need recommendations.

I'll be listing your recommendations on my LJ for friends who also will be coming to the conference, so a wide variety of types of food and prices would be greatly appreciated. Any great seafood joints, best lobster roll in the area, Mexican, Chinese, Sushi, Indian, steak, and so on. Probably a lot of dinner places since people will probably be eating breakfast/lunch at Blackstones Restaurant on The Margate's property to spend the maximum amount of time at the conference, so dinner joints would be the best.

Is Blackstones' (at the resort) food edible? Over priced or reasonable?

Something within a 30 minute drive of The Margate/Laconia would be nice.

Closer is better considering everyone will be tired by the end of the day.

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  1. Bypass Laconia and follow route 3 to Holderness and eat at Walters Basin. Very good food, overlooks the lake, and the wait staff are very friendly. You can eat in the lounge, also,which is called the Bass Hole.
    Or, when you get to Holderness, turn onto route 113 and go to The Corner House Inn in Center Sandwich. Absolutely the best!! Well worth the drive. You can either eat in the dinning room or upstairs in the lounge. This is always my choice when I go to NH. It may be a little longer drive than you had ask for but you won't be sorry.

    Corner House Inn
    Main Ctr, Center Sandwich, NH 03227

    1. Blackstone's is pretty good for a hotel restaurant. You'll find the standards there. Can be pricey. Last time I was there, I ate at a breakfast/lunch diner across the street. Although Weirs Beach is down the street from the hotel, April is bit early for their season. You may want to continue further north into Meredith where you can stroll the "designed-for-tourists" streets or visit the spa. There are a few "mom & pop" places hidden on the back street. There's also a Chinese restaurant near the hotel. I've only been there once and wasn't impressed with the food. But I haven't found any good Asian restaurants in the area except The Lemongrass in Moultoboro... but that's considered fusion cuisine and is probably out of your intended price range.

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        my fav too is Corner House Inn! But a lil closer in gilford is two great places: (casual, awsome burgers) is Elycoya bar/grill and not too far, great food/view is The Lyons Den. Awesome thai place next to high school too (laconia). We enjoy Lago in Meredith too. Ohhh forgot new place between laconia & Meredith is Tavern 27 - awesome tapas, even has a pool table but it's between casual / nice

        Corner House Inn
        Main Ctr, Center Sandwich, NH 03227

      2. I believe Lemongrass is the best restaurant around. Kevin's in Moultonborough is excellent seafood, pasta at the upper edge of distance and price. Karen and Barry's in Meredith is in your price range and has excellent red sauce Italian, is relatively close to you but looks like a dump and Karen, usually the waitress, can be "feisty." Fratellos, a very large place, in the price range and distance range is Italian but has a wide ranging menu from burgers to Osso Buca and probably would best fit your criteria. It has been around a long time and would please most. Not exactly Chowish, but would work.

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          where is Karen and Barry's? I'm in Meredith often but hadn't heard of this one. Is it where Abontanti's was?? We love lemongrass too

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            I'm anxious to know more about Karen and Barry's also, including their location. Tell us more, please.

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              Karen and Barry's is on Main Street at the top of hill across from the post office in Meredith. I agree with Sinicle that Lemongrass is the best restaurant in the area. Kevin's (1/2 mile from Lemongrass) is also very good, but atmosphere is like eating in your grandmothers kitchen.

              Karen and Barry's has good "red sauce" food and some decent fried seafood.

              Of the Common Man restaurants in the area, I like Camp in Meredith.

        2. So it's Nov 2011... I'm curious to know where you finally selected to dine? :-)

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            Sawyer's in Gilford - a short drive down the road, was a place I went to twice, once for dinner, and again for lunch. The lobster rolls were to die for. Sweet, whole piece of claw meat, not too much mayo - you could barely notice and I don't like mayo but this was perfect, huge amounts for the price. Ice cream that had a butter fat I don't ever recall encountering (very high).

            One night went to Patrick's Pub & Eatery, across the street from Sawyer's. Pretty good, I went with two friends from the conference and we were all pretty happy with the food we ordered, though it's been so long I can recall what I ordered. But we all liked it.

            Do not eat at Cactus Jack's. I'm from California (grew up in L.A., live in the Bay Area) and I've had a lot of good Mexican food. I should have stuck to my old rule: Never eat Mexican in a place that does not have a large Mexican immigrant population. I learned that lesson when I went to London and tried "Mexican" there. GAK!

            Needless to say, DON'T eat at Cactus Jack's. They threw some BBQ powder crap on the chips, the salsa tasted like they threw some weird seasoning on some canned tomatoes, the burrito was so bland and meh, Just don't go.

            Patrick's Pub & Eatery
            18 Weirs Rd Unit 1, Gilford, NH 03249

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              thanks for the review! I'm glad Sawyers was open in time for you to enjoy it -- a local favorite!