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Nov 20, 2010 07:45 PM

Chicken from Shilin Night Market

A friend of mine just returned from Taipei and he was raving about this huge fried chicken patty from the Shilin Night Market Booth #50. Can anyone fill me in on how they achieve the size of this patty and from what part of the chicken? Also what the breading and seasoning consist of. He wants to try and recreate it for me to taste here in the US. Thank You.

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  1. I think you are talking about Big Big (Da Da) Chicken. It has 2 locations at Shilin night market. The piece of chicken is huge. It's about a foot long. I think they fillet out and butterfly 1/2 a chicken breast. There are small pieces of bone left on at the very end. The piece of chicken is no more than a 1/3 of inch thick all around. The breading is a basic flour and egg breading. They do put a pepper salt and hot pepper flakes at the end as an option.
    It comes hot out of the fryer into the bag and you start eating it immediately. Not sure what kind of oil they fry it in. The combination of all of the above is probably why it tastes so good. ... and it IS good, I have one everytime I go.

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      Just ran across this post. Gives you the answer to your question:

    2. the place is called hao da da ji pai, it is quite big, i definitely recommend sharing it between 2 or 3 can see it at my blog:

      i really like it

      1. Yeah Shihlin Night Market's famous "豪大大雞排" started off in Taichung in 1992 as "xiao wang" 小王大雞排 and became so successful they moved to Shihlin Night Market in 1999, staking out their first location in front of the Yang Ming movie theater. They do have a proper English name, as "Hot Star Fried Chicken". They recently opened a branch in Hong Kong (somewhere in Mongkok) and apparently a location in Shanghai and Macau are already opened or in the works.

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            Cool, please report back and let us know. I'm a bit of a skeptic, as in my experience, many famous smaller chains in Taiwan are usually not as good as the flagship, like 3 Brothers Tofu Fa/Douhwa (Keelung), or the branch of the Rao He Night Market Fuzhou Pork Pepper Bun at Shihlin, although Shihlin's Ay Chung Mien Xien is pretty good (comparable to Xiemending's) and the really famous places that are a bit more upscale and known have tighter quality control (DTF, Tu Hsiao Yeh Peddler Noodle etc).

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              Checked it out. It's OK but not worth a trip IMO. (I was going to Fa Yuen St anyway.)
              Big line up, but moves quickly as they take 4-5 minutes to do a batch of approx 10.
              Two options - traditional or spicy. The nuggets were unavailable.
              Pretty big hunk of bird meat for HK$25, can't imagine you're eating quality ingredients.