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Nov 20, 2010 06:11 PM

Restaurants that are fun for kids

Help! We have family coming into town and we are looking for a restaurant in downtown Boston that children ages 4 and 7 would enjoy. Hoping for participation or some cooking action like "Fire and Ice". Any ideas on what children like in Boston?

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  1. Depends on the kids and what they like to eat and their behavioral quirks (and experience in restaurants). Some kids those ages are just like any adult you'd dine with and some only eat very particular things and can't sit still.
    Dim Sum or shabu shabu could be fun and are interactive. Is Scups open at this time of year? Taking a water taxi to there from downtown would be fun, the art memorable and the breakfast would be fantastic. Walking through Quincy Market is festive for kids typically, if there is anywhere there (Wagamama?) they'd enjoy. Is that Belgian street food place open downtown? Walking around festive holiday streets with fries sound nice. If you go skating on the Frog Pond you're near Chinatown and UBurger now I think.
    Mainly, if you're tiring them with new experiences and stimuli, feed them early and often. ;)