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Nov 20, 2010 05:57 PM

Philly type cheesesteak

Where can you get a true Philly type cheesesteak in the Winter Park or Longwood area near Orlando. It must not be on a mushy roll.

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  1. I know where you are coming from. I've tried cheesesteaks all over the country. Even in places that ship the rolls in from Philly. Compared to the real thing, they all stink. I'm not sure why. It might well be that the good rolls don't ship well. Amoroso's bakery advertises that they have the real deal. No they don't. It's soft and not at all as dense as a proper roll.

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      agreed, Amoroso is way overrated. Being from Philly, the best rolls are locally made, my favorite is from a deli in S. Philly called Sarcones. There really isn't anything worthwhile down here, including Delcos, which I thought the rolls from Publix were better. Good luck!

      1. re: DoubleBurger

        Sarcone's is great. Liscio's is pretty good too.

    2. Briantos has the amoroso rolls as well which impressed a philly born friend of mine.

      12001 Avalon Lake Dr
      Orlando, FL 32828

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        Not to get in to this again, but I am not a fan at all of Briantos. Been there twice to make sure it wasn't an off day, and both times I thought the cheesesteak was horrible.

        Haven't found one in Florida that I'd recommend.

      2. if your a fan of big al's true rib eye philly steaks they are about to open in palm beach gardens on pga blvd 1/2 mile east of 95 in legacy place, i hope there as good as the one on atlantic ave in delray off us1 and not a franchisee going to the grille