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Nov 20, 2010 05:47 PM

Need rec for tiny demitasse spoons

The "espresso spoons" I've seen in Bed Bath and Beyond and Macy's are too big... only slightly smaller than a teaspoon. I'm looking for true, tiny demitasse spoons that are maybe half the size of a teaspoon. Yes, I could take some from my Grandma, but I really want my own.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a brand or source? Preferably stainless steel, and a half dozen would suffice.

Thanks :)

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      1. You could give ebay a try? I love ebay for these things!

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        1. re: ursy_ten

          Thanks all... I will continue my search with your links. As I mentioned to Caroline I think I really need to grab one of Grandma's and bring it to a few shops.

        2. Sorry you broke your Google, but these should help. All sites offer "standard" "demi" (short for demitasse) spoons, which are 4 inches long, give or take a few fractions either way. If you have a sterling pattern, check with the manufacturer's website. They MAY offer them, but not all sterling patterns do. Have fun.

          EDIT It occurs to me that your problem MAY be the size of your own flatware. When you say you want something "half the size of a teaspoon," if your flatware happens to be luncheon size (standard U.S. sizes for good flatware, running from smallest to largest, are luncheon, dinner, and continental. Should you have luncheon size flatware, unless the manufacturer makes demi spoons scaled to your pattern, you're going to have a very difficult search on your hands. About four inches is pretty much the standard for demitasse spoons. I have one set of flatware in which the teaspoons are only five and three quarter inches long, yet the demitasse spoons with that set still come in right at four inches. And they seem almost miniscule! Good luck.

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          1. re: Caroline1

            Hi Caroline... thaks for all the links :)
            After seeing the spoons in-store, I began to wonder if the tiny ones exisited anymore.

            I have a stainless set from Henckels and did search for it but no demitasse spoon in the pattern. I wish I knew who made my Grandma's so I can just look for those. It really isn't a problem of finding the item in general, but really tiny ones. The problem with the websites is that I can't really tell the size, and I'd hate to order something and find out they are the larger ones like at BBand B.

            They don't need to be the same as my flatware, and they really don't need to be silver :)

            Perhaps the only answer is to scrutinize Grandma's (1.5hour drive) or check shops in Little Italy next time I'm there.

            1. re: iluvcookies

              Well, if your grandma is anywhere close to my age, you may just be out of luck. Way back in the fifties, I bought some gorgeous Italian demi spoons in silver plate with black jade or onyx handles. GORGEOUS! And only about three inches long. They were made in Italy, and I lived in Turkey when I bought them. I used them with Turkish coffee. As of about five years ago, I had ONE out of six left. Mid-twentieth century Italian modern. I have not seen a spoon that small (or that simply elegant) since I lost my last one. There are a lot of things that come into fashion and eventually fade, no longer to be found. When's the last time you saw a Pet Rock in a store?

              Most of the websites I cited give size -- all around the standard 4 inches I talk about -- and I suspect the ones you saw in stores are identical in size. MAYBE eBay has some demi spoons of the same vintage as mine. But I doubt you will find them new unless you commission someone to make them for you. Good luck!

              1. re: Caroline1

                Did a little more searching and actually measured my spoons :) My teaspoons are 6.25 inches long and 1.25 inches across widest part of the spoon. So the 4 inch ones I've seen online and in stores are too big.

                Grandma (who at age 91 is very, very much older than you could possibly be) is sending me 4 of her spoons. Finding them and then going to the post office will give Grandpa--who is a young 88--something to do while she watches her "stories". Hers are not nearly as fancy as you describe... they are just tiny and dainty, stainless steel given to her by my late aunt about 40 years ago. So in the end I am getting hers, but I will continue to search. Have they been discontinued? Maybe... just like the Calphalon pots and Kitchen Aid KSM90 mixer I bought in the mid 90s.

                And if I ever do come across a pretty vintage demi spoon, I will certainly post here and let you know.

                1. re: iluvcookies

                  bless your heart! Your grandmother is a mere 14 years older than me. Old enough to have babysat me, but not so old that she may not have bought demi spoons in the fifties when I bought mine. I'm glad she is sending them to you. It's undoubtedly a joy for her too just knowing they are going to someone she loves and who will appreciate them!

                  As I said, I haven't seen demi spoons that small in decades! If not discontinued, at least out of fashion. But you might check upscale toy catalogs for "toy" silverware that may be the size you're looking for. Good luck with your quest!

          2. That's really nice that your grandmother sent you some, but just in case she would like them back, WMF does make really tiny demitasse spoons. They will not match your Henckels, but if you're doing restaurant service and clearing cutlery after every course (or have cleared the table prior to setting out coffee) it wouldn't matter.

            I'm not sure as to WMF's availability in the US though; I got mine in France and I have seen them here in Canada.

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            1. re: wattacetti

              i think i have these- wmf bistro espresso spoons- i love them!