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Nov 20, 2010 05:29 PM

What's up with the Ivy?

We always finish our London trips with a late night post theater dinner at the Ivy. Last week, we were surprised with a lackluster experience, the first time for us. There was none of the high energy buzz that we have always enjoyed in past. Sat down to eat at 10 30, but by midnight the place was empty. The hosts we have come to know over the years were not there. The service was non attentive, took half an hour before drinks were offered. The food was still fine, they haven't messed with my favorite dressed Dorset Crab starter Did we just hit an off night or is the bloom off the Rose after a long run?

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  1. Mark Hix left the group that owns The ivy (Caprice Holdings) a few years ago (07/08). Was his the midas touch that created the magic?