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Nov 20, 2010 04:32 PM

Question about TJ's Brined Turkey

I have a question about TJ's turkey. Do I need to rinse the turkey before putting it into the oven?

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    1. I made it last year and rinsed it before cooking. Not sure if you have to but I did anyway. Make sure you pat it dry after you rinse it to avoid steaming in the oven. You want the skin to get crispy. And by the way, it was the best turkey my family and I have ever had....having it again this year. Good luck!

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        1. re: xena1441

          This is the first year I'm making a TJ Kosher turkey; I guess there is salt inside it, right? I always make a paste of white pepper, paprika, salt, olive oil and smear all over the turkey -- I hope it won't come out too salty.

          (In the past, I always used Butterballs and the "smear" and they were never too salty.)

          (Also, Chef Marc says to dry thoroughly inside and out and use long fork with paper towels to dry in those gaps in the back bone.)

          1. re: walker

            I didn't add salt last year and it was fine. But we are not salt eaters anyway. You can always add some on later if it doesn't suit your tastebuds.

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              I would not put salt in the rub for a brined turkey. You can always add it to your portion if you want to but once it's too salty you are stuck.

              Keeping the bird uncovered in the fridge overnight, after rinsing and drying, will dry the skin more and promote crispness.