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Lutefisk and Surströmming in Toronto?

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Call me a glutton for punishment, but I'm looking for lutefisk and/or surströmming in Toronto, anyone know where to get some?

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  1. Good luck with your search. In my experience, depending on the treatment or regional origin of the lutefisk, it can range from horrific to passable tasting. I did experience a decent version from the homeland.

    Surstromming? I won't touch that shit with a ten foot pole. I swear, from durian to North American processed frozen foods, every nation has something that's a stinkbomb. All the best though, you are clearly a strong human being ;)


    1. Is there even a Swedish restaurant in Toronto?

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        Not that I am aware of. Although I would certainly be interested in seeing some Scandanavian influenced food here.

      2. Did you ever find any? I am also looking for some...