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Nov 20, 2010 04:11 PM

Has anyone made pumpkin whoopie pies?

I have to bake something for my son's advisory period on Tuesday, and it is supposed to be seasonal. I was thinking that whoopie pies are always a popular treat for HS kids, and I happen to have the first volume of Baked. Their recipe calls for vegetable oil, and I have seen other recipes on the internet that are made with butter. So I am wondering if anyone had made this -- or any other pumpkin whoopie pie recipe and what the results have been. Thanks!

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  1. Nope, sorry I cannot help, but that sounds awesome.

    P.S.: Whoopie pies are popular on the East Coast. I have not hard of it when I lived in the West Coast and the South.

    1. Hi roxlet, I made "old-fashioned" whoopie pies for a bake sale at my daughter's school recently and they sold out very quickly - very popular right now it seems (also an article about them in the local newspaper about how popular they are). The recipe I found was on All Recipes and I also saw a pumpkin whoopie pie recipe. Here is a link to it:

      I didn't make the pumpkin ones but thought this recipe looked tempting. These are made with vegetable shortening.

      1. I've eaten them with cream cheese filling, love them, but have never made them so can't tell you which way to go re the oil or butter. Go to and put whoopie pie in the search feature and you'll get a lot of options.

        1. I made this recipe from Martha Stewart last Christmas and it was tasty and moist. It went over well with the teens in the family.

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            Why is the pumpkin supposed to be cold? Couldn't you just chill the batter after it's mixed?

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              Sorry, just saw this. I don't remember using chilled pumpkin, but maybe I did. It does seem that you could just chill the batter.

          2. I've never made pumpkin, but I have to say, I would do as the Baked recipe says. That place is awesome!!