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Nov 20, 2010 03:39 PM

Hell's Kitchen First Time--recommendations?

Hi All,
I'm finally going to make it to Hell's Kitchen for breakfast. Nora Efron the other night said that their "wild rice thing" was possibly the best thing she'd ever eaten. I looked at the menu on line and am feeling overwhelmed because everything looks unbelievably good. So please tell me the most important things!

Hell's Kitchen
80 South 9th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402

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  1. She's referring to the wild rice porridge. It's good, but extra rich, like a cream soup. I just get a cup. I like the lemon ricotta hot cakes, but, again rich. The bison bread is fantastic. I like to order the sourdough toast so I can put their housemade peanut and jam on it. The huevos rancheros are good.


    1. Huevos Rancheros are good. Bison Benedict awesome but nothing is as good as their caramel roll. The best caramel roll ever!!

      1. The wild rice porridge IS good, but pretty basic. It seems to be just wild rice, craisins, hazelnuts, and maybe blueberries in cream. Absolutely no need to get a whole bowl of it. Even a cup is way more cream than one needs in something that's not supposed to be dessert.

        Every time I go, I forget that I don't really like their homemade peanut butter and make a point of getting toast or an English muffin so I can have it. It sounds enticing, but it doesn't taste it. Tastes exactly like honey roasted peanuts pureed in the food processor with a generous helping of oil.

        I don't know what to actually recommend, besides making reservations. Unless you love waiting. When I go again, I'll give the caramel roll a try, since it's the best ever and all. :)

        1. Lemon ricotta pancakes. End of story! Yes, very rich, just a little tartness but mostly light yet rich ricotta yummy.

          I've tried to like their huevos rancheros but at least the last time I did I just wasn't feeling the love. So now I stick with the ricotta pancakes.

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            Fried Walleye and sweet potato fries. I realize this is breakfast, but just saying, these are fantastic