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Nov 20, 2010 03:13 PM

Eaten in Eagle Tavern at The Henry Ford Greenfield Village (MI) ?

Has anyone eaten in the Eagle Tavern at The Henry Ford Greenfield Village? If so, is it decent, or is it just typical amusement park food?

Thx, VTB

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  1. I joined a small group for their Thanksgiving dinner/feast/special ~10 years ago. The food
    must've been okay ... as I have no strong memories good-or-bad.

    They do the period clothing/dress schtik ... not my thing; but I was willing to participate as
    it was something our monthly dinner-group outing.

    1. I was in the area with a scout group and asked an old friend if his family would like to meet up with us there. His comment on the food was that there were much better places available. We did not end up meeting, but the comment stuck with me.

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        Thanks Guys. I think I've gotten the message. If we're in the park and are hungry, maybe we'll give it try, but if we can wait until we're able to leave and go elsewhere, we shall do so.

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          We visited Greenfield VIllage a couple of years ago and had lunch at the Taste of History cafeteria. It really was pretty decent, definitely not amusement park food.

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            When a Taste of History opened it had all kinds of interesting regional/historical foods. Last time I was there, it was more of a regular cafeteria --- they've reduced the selection a lot. I think I'd skip it next time.

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              I agree with what the Babe from Berkley says.

      2. The Eagle Tavern menu is supposed to be authentic to the era of the building; as much as possible they try to have only food and beverages that were available in the mid-19th century, so as to reproduce the experience of a traveler of the time (and with the servers in costume and in character). It's not the kind of thing that appeals to everybody, so if you're just looking for a simple meal, you might do better outside the park.

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          Btw, in case anyone was thinking of going to GV, it closes down for the season after this weekend. It's then only open on selected nights in December for some Holiday tours.

        2. I work across the street from the Henry Ford. The Eagle Tavern is really good...historically accurate food made from locally produced products. It's not amusement park food at all, It is the best restaurant in Greenfield Village/ Henry Ford museum complex. It's not to be missed, in my book. Hope I caught you in time for your trip! The other two choices are Taste of History and Michigan Cafe, which are cafeteria style food that's relatively tasty for cafeteria food, but it's still a cafeteria.

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            Got it. Thanks gooddog and momskitchen! :-)