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Nov 20, 2010 02:40 PM

PV - La Leche, Cafe Des Artistes, or Hacienda San Angel?

Going to Puerto Vallarta in Jan with a large group of friends (14 of us) and want to celebrate my birthday while I am there. I have narrowed down the options to the following:

La Leche
Cafe Des Artistes
Hacienda San Angel

Can anyone help with some Details. All menus look great and so do the Restaurants.



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  1. Obviously picking a restaurant can be a very personal decision. So for what it's worth I'm not a fan of La Leche. The interior design of white milk tins and castoff tables and chairs doesn't compare to either of your two choices. Also be aware that the menu is quite limited because it changes daily so the website is just a for example.
    My personal favorite is Hacienda San Angel but it is relatively small and a table of fourteen would be a lot. The restaurant is primarily for the hotel guest and January is a busy month so you should check early for a reservation. Food is good, service is excellent and of course like Cafe des Artistes prices match. HSA is the only one with a view of the city.
    Cafe des Aristes is probably best suited to your event. My criticism is that it often feels too oriented to the tourist market. The "Cocina de Autor" section is the most "gourmet" of the PV restaurants but it's very small only 40 seats.

    1. Tell you the best in PV is TRIO....great food, prices ( compared to the ones you have mentioned ) Old Town