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Nov 20, 2010 02:27 PM


For first time in years will not be going to NY for Thanksgiving - so won't be visiting the old neighborhood bakeries where we usually get our holiday cookies (pralines, tri-colors, rugelach, etc) - suggestions in DC area (already know about Heidelberg, Randolph's, Swiss Bakery, Silva's and Watergate and Tivoli)?

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  1. I haven't been there in a while but Woodmoor Bakery in Four Corners (Colesville Rd and University Blvd) had old fashioned cookies. I get rugulah from either Parkway Deli in Silver Spring or Shalom Strictly Kosher in Wheaton.

    Woodmoor Pastry Shop
    10127 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD

    Shalom Strictly Kosher
    2307 University Blvd W, Wheaton, MD

    Parkway Deli & Restaurant
    8317 Grubb Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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