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Nov 20, 2010 01:52 PM

What comforts you when you're sick?

So I usually cook at least one big thing each weekend but this weekend I am ill. I have no energy to be in the kitchen but I still need to eat. Where do you go and what do you eat when you're sick? If it helps I'm in Allston and I have a sore throat/cough/runny nose. I don't want to travel too far but it doesn't have to be delivery. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. for me it's soup: New England Soup Factory's chicken soup works, but so does Shanghai Gate's winter melon soup or Lemon Grass's Can Chua.

    Shanghai Gate
    204 Harvard Ave, Allston, MA 02134

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      The Can Chua looks intriguing. Thanks for the tip.

      1. re: chefematician

        ooo, I second the Can Chua. We used to live around the corner and many was the time I sent hubby out for a quart when I was too sick to move.

    2. for me is soup as well...goes easy down that throat. I like to add minced garlic and hot chili paste if I have it around and some grated fresh ginger as well. Clears everything out. I think the NESF chicken soup has ginger.

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          1. Pho Ga from Pho Basil. A good Asian chicken stock is so healing. Madrid is so right about the hot chili addition if you have a stuffed up head.


            Pho Basil Restaurant
            177A Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 02115

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              Yes, a bigass bowl of Pho Ga for me too. Pho Pasteur in Allston *used to be* my go-to, thanks for Pho Basil suggestion; I'll check it out

              In second place, biggest bowl of udon I can find.