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Nov 20, 2010 01:51 PM

Anyone made Bittman's Braised Turkey? How was it.?

I think I would use wine for some of the braising liquid and keep 1/2 of the sausage out for the first hour.

I know this will blow the minds of my guests, I'm going for it.

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  1. I did this. i am a big Bittman fan but find he often underestimates time, as he did here. But really, I did it once and then returned to roasting as I was underwhelmed with result. Sorry!

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      There are no weights for the turkey parts in this recipe it just says turkey thighs so I'm glad you reminded me that the timing could be off depending on the sizes of the parts. I too find his recipes cavalier in the timing department. Thanks !

    2. Dry breast was the bane of my existence. Then I tried Bittman's Braised. I liked it a lot and have made it every TG since. It doesn't look as nice as a whole bird, but it tastes better for less work.

      1. A couple of years back, I ran out of propane halfway through the cooking and finished my Thanksgiving turkey in one of those electric roaster ovens out of desperation. Everyone said it was the most tender turkey I ever made. I'd do it again.

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          1. I had some turkey legs in the freezer and I thought this recipe would be great for them. I have to say 3 hours later I was not that impressed. Maybe I needed to braised the legs even longer but they just weren't as juicy and tender as I would have liked. The flavors of the recipe were good but if you add sausage and pancetta to ANYTHING wouldn't it be pretty good? I would have preferred the other ingredients (mushrooms, sausage and pancetta) with a white bean. And it would probably taken only 1/2 the time.

            I really like dark meat but this was not the answer for me. If I got this on Thanksgiving I would have been upset.