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Nov 20, 2010 01:40 PM

Sukiyabashi Jiro -- Long-Shot (Any Japanese or Japanese-fluent person willing to escort me?)

I am headed to Tokyo in a couple of weeks and am wanting to eat here but I know they will not take my reservation at the Ginza location without a Japanese host.

Unfortunately, because of the extremely high cost of eating there, I'm not in a position to offer a free meal but if there's a kind soul out there willing to pay their own way and up for a decent conversation with a fellow foodie, please send me a note.

P.S. -- If anyone has it on good authority that they will let me eat there alone as long as a Japanese-fluent person makes my reservation, please let me know but I have gotten the sense this is not enough from what I've read.

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  1. Alternatively, you could pick another sushi place where the owner has less contempt for foreigners and the sushi is better (e.g., Mizutani). Sukiyabashi Jiro's sushi is generally rated lower in Tokyo than many other restaurants and I am not sure I understand the masochistic desire of many foreigners to eat there, given the many wonderful alternatives in Tokyo.

    1. This shop is overrated.