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Nov 20, 2010 01:39 PM

looking for local butcher who will cut up my own venision

looking for a local butcher who will cut up my own deer for me. Not too expensive but decent. Any reccomendations? Thanks.

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  1. Where do you live? Joes meat market in Ardsley 2158840294 you must call ahead.

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      2nd Joes - they process a lot of deer - and they are great people...

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        Love Joe's!!!! Hans and Fritz are the best. We've been getting meat there for years, but just recently tried their lamb-- It was butchered so clean and the price was great.

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          I understand why you wrote "you must call ahead," but I like to think that most people would at least hesitate before showing up at a butcher shop with a deer carcass tied to the roof of their car!

        2. Blooming Glen on Route 113 in Blooming Glen.

          1. Took a trip to Hendricks Farm in Telford and enroute saw two signs offering deer processing services. Not sure if that is what you need.

              1. i don't mean to take this post a bit off topic, but any recs for decent butchers or fish mongers outside of the city would be much appreciated. i'm in Manayunk/Roxborough and Superfresh doesn't keep me interested.

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                  tfalbo...... i popped into the new Main Street Market in Manayunk last weekend. I was floored to see the quality of the butcher counter in the back. Since youre so local, stop in there.

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                    I like the meat options in the C-Hill farmers market (not the top-of-the-hill produce place, but the one by the hotel). 3 separate places, but one place has good poultry, another good beef, pork and lamb, and a third has sausages, cold cuts, etc. Meat.