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Nov 20, 2010 01:27 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner Delivery in new Lenox

My brother and his wife can't leave their residence, and they can no longer cook. Does anyone know where I could order a "ready to eat" Thanksgiving dinner for them next Thursday, or possibly the day before. I'm up in Traverse City, Mi and don't know the greater Chicago area very well. Thank you.

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  1. The only restaurant even serving Thanksgiving that I've been able to find in the area is Buca de Beppo (a chain, family style Italian place), but they are serving Turkey with all the fixings. Here's what I would suggest. Give them a call and ask to speak to the manager, explain the situation, and see if he/she is willing or able to do delivery as a one time thing that day for you. It probably won't be cheap, but I've found that restaurants are usually accommodating of unusual requests. New Lenox is very close to Orland Park, and I bet a busser would be willing to do a delivery run for $20 or $30 bucks. (708) 349-6262

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      tzurriz,....Thanks so much. I'm going to call my brother at work and see if he'd be open to the delivery before I try Buca de Beppo. The only other thing I can think of is Honey Baked Ham, which just so happens to be on the same street in Orland Park as my brother's work place. I just visited the store up here in Traverse City and the owner said my best bet would be a 3 lb. breast. They also have all of the sides, etc. I'd rather try your suggestion if my brother is open to the idea. Thanks so very much for your help. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving. Jim

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        I hope it works out for you. I wish I could offer more, but that's all I could find in the Southwest Suburbs at all close to New Lenox. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving too.