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little familial Italian?

Anyone have a casual little neighborhood Italian place they know? The kind of place you go when you're too tired to cook after work. I'm talking a good comfort food and thank goodness I don't have to do the dishes or dress up type of place.

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  1. You could try (Il Galateo 5315 Gatineau St., Metro Côte-des-Neiges).

    It's a small but cozy place and the food there is very good. It's not exactly family-style (the great heaping plates of which-pasta-do-you-want-with-which-sauce) but more as a fine-dining place. The prices are not outrageous. As I troll the Web I see mine is not the only positive review.

    I haven't been there in years but I know it's still; there. On the weekend all the Italians in the neighbourhood come out in their finest so you know it must be doing something good.

    Phone is (514) 737-1606.

    1. I've said it a few times and in fear of being repititious, but I'd suggest La Campagnola on Dollard in LaSalle; family run, reasonable prices (although they went up the past year or so), nightly speacials, and BYOB. They also do their own charcuterie in the basement (soprassetta, sausage, and lonza).

      1. thanks texaspeppers, I have never seen that place even though must have passed it many times, I certainly will give it a try, not much italian in that area except franchises. It is so encouraging to see these family restaurants survive.

        1. what about Il piatto della nonna? Its very casual and also inexpensive. Its always table d'hote and for I think around $15 you get soup or salad, the best pasta and tomato sauce, and a coffee and a small dessert. There are also other options... like sausages, lasagne, meat balls.. and the menu is always changing. Everything is VERY good!

          2000 Rue Amherst, Montreal, Quebec H2L 3L8, Canada
          (514) 843-6069

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            Nonna's never disappoints. When you walk in, you feel as though you are in her house for dinner. The food is rich with love, and you can tell that nonna has been cooking these recipes for decades and has mastered them. You will no doubt leave with what can only be described as a cheese, noodle and tomato sauce coma, which requires immediate attention of a warm bed and cozy blanket. No other restaurant in Montreal can compare to the heartiness and satisfaction that comes from eating her food.

          2. I haven't tried, but perhaps someone can give an opinion on Chez Ennio, 1978 deMaisonneuve West near Fort?

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              I have gone to Ennio in the past (many years ago) and used to love it. It is a BYOW that is very small and the atmosphere is familial because the place is owned by a couple, the woman cooks and the man serves the food. Their veal pizzaoila is very good.

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                Thanks for that, cricri, the wife has been wanting to try for some time.

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                  Then you should probably check it out. Don't expect to have your socks knocked off, however. About the best that can be said is that it's honest, red-saucy and affordable. Also, the couple who run it are sweet, though my memory is that the husband is in the kitchen while the wife handles the FOH (my memory could be wrong since I've not gone back in several years). One odd thing for a BYOB is that they aren't very tolerant of wine geekiness (like asking for a decanter or two sets of glasses).

            2. For a real hole in the wall wehre you definetely don't have to dress up is Rotisserie Italienne on St. Catherine near St. Mark.

              Rotisserie Italienne
              1933 Rue Sainte-Catherine W, Montreal, QC H3H1M3, CA

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                No, please. Not Rôtisserie Italienne! It's awful. If you really need a plate of pasta, go to Via Crescent for aglio e olio with rapini. +/- 12$. It's on Crescent, but still you can go as you are.

                1. re: ManuelF

                  No way would I spend 12$ plus tax and tip for what is essentially peasant food (though delicious) with or without Rapini, on Crescent or not

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                    Euhhh.... most italian food IS peasant food.

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                      Pesky peasant food like osso bucco, braised beef cheek, world of salumi, salt cod, etc etc.....love to eat these essentially peasant foods for $12. hehe

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                    I wouldn't say awful, but their pasta is average at best. Their pizzas, however, are fantastic. So is the porchetta.

                2. My current fav is Da Enrico and it's a BYOB to boot..... Nothing fancy, good food, reasonable pricing and fun atmosphere. What more can you ask for????

                  Buffet Da Enrico
                  264 Rue Saint-Zotique E, Montreal, QC H2S1L3, CA

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                    If you don't mind cheap pasta from the dep next door.

                    Twice I've seen someone from the restaurant dashing out of the store and back into the resto with pasta under his arm. Once I might chalk up to a last-minute emergency, but twice is starting to look like a habit.

                    Not that I have anything against cheap pasta... at home. If I'm paying restaurant prices, I expect something better. Dare I say even home made?

                  2. restaurant pizzavilla is casual, and had a review in gazoo a while back saying the italian food other than pizza is a good reason to come here. It is located on papineau. The gazoo review is on the pizzaville website.

                    november is depressing and some familial italian food is just the antidepressant I need. Thanks for sparking the idea.

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                      Pizzeria napolitana on Dante st just off of St Laurent in little Italy . Between 10-20$ a person and it is Byow. Very casual , noisy, tv's, amazing pasta, pizza , tiramisu ! No service whatsoever but who cares as long as the food is good!

                    2. Tried Nonno's with friends this past weekend and was not particularly impressed. We were looking to feed a craving for delicious and heavy pasta/pizza somewhere where we could bring our own wine. We called the always good, "Piatto Pieno" but they were completely booked, so we figured we would try Nonno's. The atmosphere is very banquet hall-esque, filled with families, kids, and little babies. Pizza was comparable to a 99 cent pizza, but with a double heaping of arugula on top, the gnocchi was fair, and the fried shrimp was OK (but it's fried, so how bad could it be?). One of our dinner guests ordered the table d'hote, so we all shared his tiramisu...meh at best. The bill was 40 bucks for one margherita pizza with arugula, and gnocchi. We won’t be back in the foreseeable future.

                      1. Hi

                        I know its been a few months but I am new to the boards and have a couple of suggestions in the NDG area for you:

                        Pasta Casareccia on Sherbrooke West (offers yummy sauces to take home too)

                        Al Dente on Monkland

                        Pasta Casareccia
                        5849 Rue Sherbrooke W, Montreal, QC H4A1X4, CA

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                        1. re: tah1234

                          sorry to disagree but neither of these suggestions are very good imo.

                          Al Dente is anything but a little family run trattoria... and their food is absolutely horrible. not just bleh... but truly awful. It's on par with Guido and Angelinas.

                          Pasta Casarecia sells some good packaged stuff and homemade sauces, etc... but nothing on the menu is worth talking about. Its the classic case of a long lived neighborhood standstill that's just well past its years. It's not bad, but there's not much to recommend. It definitely fits the too lazy to cook bill, but not a reason to go out of the way.

                          Al Dente is easily the worst Italian resto I've been to in this city.

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                            Wow - Al Dente the worst in the city. Its definitely not worth a detour but I took out a very tasy thin crust pizza on one visit and a decent basic pasta dish (penne arrabiata) on another. Maybe I just got really lucky (or was too hungry and lazy to care?!)

                        2. I've been wondering about Chez DiVito on Parc near Villeneuve - it looks like this type of place but we haven't gotten around to trying it yet. Anyone?