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Nov 20, 2010 12:22 PM

Any Montreal foods, restaraunt places in manhattan?

Any Montreal foods, restaraunt places in manhattan?

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  1. Don't think so, but in very close by Brooklyn there is Mile End for smoked meat, poutine and Montreal Bagels.

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      There is also Le Pescadeux, which describes itself as a French-Canadian maritime restaurant. Have not been there yet, but am eager to try it.

      Le Pescadeux
      90 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012

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      1. This is authentic Montreal food--smoked meats, poutine, PEI Mussels etc. They specialize in fish duets--you choose two fish with amazing preparations on one plate.
        It is reasonably priced and open for lunch and brunch.
        C'est magnifique!:).....

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          Try M Wells, two stops into Queens on the 7 in Long Island City.

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            Yep, M Wells - opened by an Au Pied du Cochon alumnus.

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              what do they serve is it a montreal restauraunt?

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              Which are you talking about, bklyn, Mile End or Pescadeux?

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                  Mussels from Prince Edward Island

                2. m. wells and now fedora both have ex APC alums but fedora's food was pretty mediocre when i was there last week. nothing on the menu reminded me of joe beef or garde manger whatsoever.

                  m. wells is a bit more creative but the lack of dinner service is getting a bit tired lately. i don't really feel like eating bone marrow and general tso's sweetbreads at 11am on a tuesday.

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                    is m wells and fedora's food both from montreal? what do they server there?

                  2. Corner Burger in Bklyn has an extensive poutine menu

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                      there's actually more to montreal cuisine than french fries and gravy.

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                        I tried the classic there. I liked it.

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                          Is corner burger from montreal? what else do they serve there?