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Nov 20, 2010 11:50 AM

Spain's Michelin Restaurants: What do they cost?

This is a common question within most of the threads and one I know I had when I was planning my trip to Spain. I hope this will help others plan their meals and I hope people will update this thread as they go. The prices are per person and exclude tax and tip. So here we go...

Arzak - 170 Euros for the tasting menu

Martin Berasategui - 165 Euros for Martin's 'Greatest Hits' menu

Mugaritz - 120 Euros for the tasting menu

Prices as of October, 2010.

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  1. Great start.
    Another for the San Sebastián area list-

    1 Michelin star-

    Kokotxa - 25 euros for 3 course lunch menu, Tuesday-Friday, includes wine (no coffee, no vat)
    -65 euros for dinner menu - aperitivo, 5 courses, 2 desserts (no wine, coffee or vat)

    Zuberoa-120 euros (excludes drinks)

    Alameda-menu gartzinea, 35 euros
    menu hondarribia, 50 euros
    menu degustación, 90 euros

    Tasting menus must be ordered for the entire table.

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    1. re: Maribel

      Alkimia (1 star, Barcelona), Nov. 2010:
      The grown ups ordered the least expensive lunch tasting menu which said that it involved a choice of 3 courses. But they brought out 6 courses including two different amuse bouches and one extra dessert course (this might have been because they liked our kids). 38 Euros per person before tax, gratuity and beverages. Kids ordered a la carte (a delicious entrecote and a so-so chicken canneloni) but do not recall price because the a la carte prices were not on the menu.

    2. Comerç 24 (1*, Barcelona) ; 72 euros for the 7 course tasting menu (total cost just around 100e with 4 glasses of wine)

      1. Bearing in mind that I think the Michelin awards for Spain are very imminent so what's in and what's out may change within days:

        Tristan - varies from €82 for 2 courses, to €155 for 6 courses
        Es Raco des Teix - approx €80 for 3 courses
        Es Moli den Bou - approx €80 for 3 courses
        Plat d'Or - €85 for 3 courses

        Restaurant MB - I believe this to be around €120 for tasting menu.

        1. We'll know on Nov. 25 from San Sebastián whether the following keep their stars or add a star, but for 2010, here are the Navarra one stars-

          In Pamplona

          Europa--short menú Eugenia (2 courses), 45 eurosñ
          lunch business menu, 47 euros,ñ
          degustation menu, 62 euros
          (all include wine/coffee/vat)

          Rodero--menú para gustar, 55 eurosñ
          menú para degustar, 77 euros
          (both include wine, coffee, vat)

          Pamplona environs-

          El Molino de Urdániz- degustation menu, 70 euros

          1. Just announced, Michelin 2011, Barcelona

            New one stars-

            Dos Cielos (Hotel Me)
            Momentos (Hotel Mandarin Oriental)
            Caelis (Hotel Palace)

            Lost its second star


            Lost its one star

            Hispania (Arenys de Mar)
            Freixa Tradició

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            1. re: Maribel

              Just ate at Hisop and agree their new star is much deserved. Incredible food and service. As of last week, Hisop's tasting menu for dinner cost 48 euros, worth it without a doubt. The ala cart menu at Hisop is also reasonably priced.

              The tasting menus at Alkimia (one star and also excellent) are 65 euros for "traditional" menu and 84 for their full "Alkimia" menu.

              The two tasting menus at Akelarre in San Sebastian, 3-stars, are both 140 euros. They do have an ala cart menu with very high prices, think 50+ euros for many of the dishes. You would prob pay 100-120 euros for an app, entree, and dessert so I'd recommend doing the tasting and getting three times as many dishes for slightly more.