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Nov 20, 2010 11:41 AM

Help! First time cooking Thanksgiving dinner - need tips

Any tips welcome but what we really can't figure out is the timing of the baked sweet potatoes given that the turkey will be taking up the whole oven. Any ideas?

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  1. Assuming you don't have a toaster over for the potatoes, how about cooking them first and then putting back into the over to reheat once you take the turkey out? The turkey should rest for about half an hour--tented with foil to stay warm--so that should give the potatoes time to get hot while you're making the gravy.

    1. In agreement with escondido123, I'd suggest cooking as much of the dinner as possible ahead of time (even a day or two if possible) and refrigerating (cooled, tightly covered of course) what can be reheated just before dinner while the turkey is resting prior to carving. Covering the refrigerated dishes with foil and reheating will prevent them from drying out and after a day in the fridge you may even find that the flavors are better. Hold any fresh herb toppings though until just prior to serving.