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Nov 20, 2010 11:03 AM

taco trucks in vegas any good?

hi are the taco trucks worth tracking down at night? thanks

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  1. Hey Kev, not sure about tacos but these are definitely worth checking out.

    Fukuburger truck,

    and The Slider truck,
    I just ate at Slider Truck today for the 4th or 5th time and I love it. Ate "pata negra" ham at Julian Serrano this week and although divine, I'd be hard pressed to decide between the 2.


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    1. re: skaboy

      they both look great. how does it work. check the web site for location and show up early?

      1. re: kevin25

        Not too early, unless it states they are at an event. Close to when they open is usually fine.
        FYI, looks like the Slider truck will be on FN's The Great Food Truck Race next season.


        1. re: skaboy

          we come to Vegas every superbowl weekend for a party(25 guys) sat night. but we arrive(smaller group) thur until monday am. I try to get the guys out to different spots rosemarys setebellos raku etc. this year for a lunch I was thinking Monta or maybe hot and juicy what do you think(and like)

          1. re: kevin25

            How many is the small group? More than six at one time might be a problem at Monta. Hot & Juicy is great fun and is perfect for large groups but it isn't everybody's cup of tea.

              1. re: Dave Feldman

                do you recomend LOS for lunch(for our first time)?

                1. re: kevin25

                  Sure. The menu is the same at lunch as dinner. Just don't get the buffet.

              2. re: kevin25

                Todd English P.U.B. at the Crystals/Aria might fit the bill, a little more casual and easier on the budget than some of the other options. High end pub grub adn lots of beers to sample.

                1. re: skaboy

                  nice looking menu have you been?