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Nov 20, 2010 10:00 AM

Driving through Berwyn today on Rte 30

We noticed two new places, Aneu, where M Bistro used to be, and Alfredo, where Trattoria San Nicola used to be. I did a search on them on this board, but found nothing.

Does anyone have any experience, news, or even information on either?

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  1. Went to Aneu tonight. I totally love the space, I would have moved in if there was a fireplace. They seemed a bit understaffed tonight. We didn't make a reservation & wonder if maybe the same was true for the rest of the patrons. Only one waiter and a bartender - no host/hostess/maitre de or busboy & as a result, service suffered. Food was mediocre, although the spouse gave the thumbs up for the osso bucco which is a dicey dish out. Just an aok filet for me - nothing special. Have had better meals at the Wegmans' Pub for a fraction of the price. I preferred the meal I had at the old Meridith's location. On the drive back we moaned as we passed Nectar.....for the same price we could have had a (likely) guaranteed yummy meal.

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      Thanks, yummykimmy.

      Same price as Nectar. Wow! That puts it in a pretty select group.

      1. re: FrancisdeR

        I feel like you did not understand my review (bad me) - Aneu is totally not in the same group as Nectar....Nectar has the food to back up it's prices and decor. IMHO Aneu does not (aka overpriced - hey they need to make up for that liquor license they picked up). Nectar is also pricier because I order more things - at Aneu there were less things I wanted to try. And if the waiter came around more I am sure they could have sold me another glass of wine or two.

        If you are not a total inane foodie, Aneu will probably do you fine.

        Considering changing my name to yummysarcasm...