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Nov 20, 2010 09:07 AM

Where are the Best Butcher Shops in Amsterdam?

I'm looking for some options for a good butcher shop in Amsterdam. Anyone have any favourites? Places that sell some wild game meats too would be great.

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  1. I'm not sure if it is the best butcher shop in Amsterdam but there is one on Eerst Oosterparkstraat close to Witbaustraat that sells wild game. I bought some turkey there last year (not wild game!) and was pleased with it.

    I also like the french butchershop on Albert Cuyp markt ....

    and Spotted by Locals recommends Slagerij Fred de Leeuw on Utrechtsestraat 92

    1. Hi eoj, here are some of the places I frequent (all over the city, I´m afraid)

      Slagerij Herman de Wit, Wakkerstraat 13 (Amsterdam-East)
      one of the best no nonsense no frills butchers in the city. Run by a young guy who is very passionate about his job. Don´t expect any ready-meals or fancy displays, just a lot of good meat! You can ask him for unusual cuts, too, and never leave the shop without one the smoked osseworst susages.

      On Saturdays, organic butcher Rob Rijks has a stall on the Noordermarkt (farmers market) A nice selection of organic meat, also some game. Get one of the dry goat sausages to snack on.

      Slager Zuid on Albert Cuypstraat 95 is your best bet for the more uncommon things like oxtails, pork knuckles, short ribs and stuff like that.

      Alain Bernard, Albert Cuypstraat 133 for great french sausages, rilletes, duck confit, etc.

      Most Turkish and Moroccon butchers have good quality lamb. I like the Turkish grocery store in the Eerste van der Helststraat, just off Albert Cuypstraat, opposite Tjin´s Toko.

      In the Netherlands, game (furred and feathered) is usually sold in stores that sell mostly poultry, instead of at regular butchers. Two good places for this are the stall at Albert Cuyp makrt (there are a couple, look for the stall that has a dedicated little booth with game only, usually there´s a guy with a green cap with a little feather in it standing behind it)
      Poelier Jonk,
      Haarlemmerdijk 53.

      Hope this helps.