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Nov 20, 2010 08:36 AM

Antigua, GT: Sobremesa – Unicorn steak, filet of giraffe and jasmine blueberry ice cream

A few tables are tucked here and there in this tiny, unpretentious and inviting art gallery one block from Central Park.

The draw here is the creative ice cream flavors. Don’t order them to go. Linger, admire the art (much of it by the owner) and enjoy the conversation of the people stopping by.

There are also some light meals and wine. There kitchen space is limited currently, but within those limitations they do a nice job.

Here's what I had rated from A+ to F -

B - … Mushroom tapas
B +… Steak sandwich with roasted potatoes
B +… Chicken with loquat sauce, carrots, squash and roasted potatoes
B +… Pumpkin pie ice cream
B +… Mojito ice cream
B - ... White sangria
B - ... Red sangria

OK, I lingered from lunch through to dinner. I like the place.

Service: Unrated … in a good way
Ambiance: B … Above average
Price: $$

Restaurant record with address, website, menu and other info

Flilckr photo set with more pictures

Details in first reply

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    Mushroom tapas: B - … very good

    This was a simple, sauté of white mushrooms with a jalapeño dipping sauce. What’s not to like about mushrooms in butter? The dip complemented the mushrooms without overwhelming them with heat

    Steak sandwich with roasted potatoes: B +… very, very good

    The crust of the warm roll was nicely crispy. The steak with sautéed mushrooms was comforting and tasty. There were some other ingredients in there but I don’t know what I did with my notes I liked this a lot.

    Chicken with loquat sauce, carrots, zucchini and roasted potatoes: B +… very, very good

    The perfectly cooked chicken breast had a lovely loquat sauce that wasn’t too sweet. The zucchini, roasted potatoes and carrots were simply prepared and flavorful.

    Pumpkin pie ice cream: B +… very, very good

    This was made with real US pumpkin, not the local squashes that call themselves pumpkins. Made with a house-baked fresh pumpkin pie, the ice cream was smooth, light and had a clean fresh flavor.

    Mojito ice cream: B +… very, very good

    I give this the slight edge. Like the pumpkin ice cream, the flavor was refined but not so subtle as to be missing. There were two versions, one with booze and a virgin mojito. I had the alcoholic version. What I liked was that the alcohol added flavor without taking over the ice cream.

    Other flavors that day were horchata and five chocolate. In the past flavors have included jasmine blueberry and rose fig

    White sangria: B +… very, very good

    I preferred this a bit to the red but both were good. It is difficult to find good white sangria in a restaurant or bar. This was very pleasant.

    Red sangria: B +… very, very good

    I liked the red sangria too. The wine was nice and complimented the fruit juice.

    Service: Unrated … in a good way

    The owner has a lady who helps him in the kitchen, but basically he is taking the orders, serving the meals and cooking when she is out. There are three tables. It isn’t the usual restaurant model so I just can’t rate it.

    This is just a flat out nice guy who makes everyone walking in the door feel welcome. Menus, food and check are promptly delivered.

    He participates in a lot of good causes as well.

    He mentors local artists and helps them develop their talent so they aren’t producing the same schlock that is pushed at the tourists. The paintings are affordably priced and these artists are gaining recognition and making a better living that selling the same old, same old for a pittance on the corner or some street stall.

    Warning … no one buy the painting of the jaguar. I’m getting that next time. That brings up that both the restaurant AND art gallery only accept cash.

    Ambiance: B … Above average

    It is the cool little place that marches to its own drummer. So many art galleries are off-putting and pretentious. Here you can come in, relax with a glass of wine, ice cream or meal while enjoying the art and conversation of the owner and customers. It reminds me of the kind of place you’d like to find in Paris … the little art gallery with yet to be discovered artists who paint with passion.

    As to the filet of Giraffe with jalapeño cream and fried bananas … let’s say this artist, author and chef just might be taking some creative license describing the dish.

    And the unicorn? Why do you think they are extinct? They are just so tasty.

    But who knows? Perhaps there is a secret herd or unicorn ranch and the owner is getting the meat sobre mesa.

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    1. re: rworange

      Wow! Thank you very much, I really appreciate that! And for the record, we do accept credit cards now.

    2. As of March 2012 Sobremesa had moved to a larger space at 4ta Calle Oriente #4A.