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Nov 20, 2010 06:13 AM

insta cure 1 & 2

Has anyone found any stores who sell pink salt (insta cure) in the Boston/Mass area lately?
Trying to decide if I should try to source it or mail order some.

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  1. Whole foods and Christinas in Cambridge.

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    1. re: cherrytomato

      Christinas has "pink curing salt" in stock.
      $2.00 for a few ounces.

      1. re: trev80

        Christina's will sell larger quantities, you can search the board for more details including prices as its been covered several times. One hint, talk to the owners in person to get the quantity you want. They only have instacure #1, not #2 and not certain where you can get that locally (one meat distributor which won't sell to the public only stocks #1). Its definitely cheaper online if you are going to order other things to offset the shipping and don't need it right away, but if you only need curing salt Christina's is a good resource.

    2. Just got some recently at Williams Sonoma in the Burlington Mall

      p.s. my bacon (made from HMart pork belly) came out pretty good, I thought.