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Nov 20, 2010 05:45 AM

Help please.!!!!!! CHESTNUT PUREE with canned puree.

I have a 1 pound can of French (no sugar,Faugier brand) chestnut puree and need to know how to make it delicious for Thanksgiving. I assume I will need stock, butter, onions cream but need direction and quantities.

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  1. I used tinned chestnut puree regularly for various dishes. I'm not really sure what dish you are trying recreate here - but, assuming you usually make it with chestnuts in another form, would you not simply add whatever you would normally add to a pound weight of nuts?

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      Thanks, my family just makes a puree as a side dish (about the consistency of mashed potatoes) we don't want to peel fresh chestnuts any more (my French dad used to peel them until his hands bled every year.) The canned puree needs flavorizing as far as I'm concerned.What savory dishes do you make with it?

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        Most often it goes in soup or a stuffing for poultry. I've also squidged it with sausage meat as a pie filling. Also gets mixed with chocolate, brandy & stuff as a dessert.

    2. You will need to eye your quantities. Since I usually start with chestnuts here is how I make them for every pound of chestnut I simmer them covered in 1.5 cups chicken stock with a couple of sprigs of thyme when tender I transfer to a food mill and puree. Then add butter, salt, pepper and heavy cream to consistency. It is just like making mashed potatoes and just as adaptable. Garlic onion, shallots, clove, ginger, bacon, other vegetable purees, other herbs are all possibilities.

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        Perfect, thanks, just what I needed to know.