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Nov 19, 2010 11:20 PM

Natale a Roma (Christmas in Rome)

Hello, all! My wife and I will be taking our honeymoon to Rome over the upcoming Christmas holiday, and we'd love some advice about where to go--what's likely to be open on and/or around Christmas itself, what the best places for a romantic meal are, etc. I studied in Rome in 2002 but have no idea what the restaurant landscape is like now. Unfortunately, Checchino dal 1887 is closed for the whole week around Christmas; are there any similar restaurants that anyone can recommend? Thanks for the help!

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  1. I realize this is not fully responsive, but this link from last year, which indicates restaurants with special Christmas and New Year offerings, seems to be functioning. Christmas is an enjoyable time of year to visit Rome and while not all restaurants are open during that time, plenty will be open.

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      the dining city link has details that arent accurate for this year. For example, Filippo La Mantia is closed at Christmas. Ive been calling around to some places to check on openings and so far I have found that Al Ceppo is open on the 25th and Il Pagliaccio is open on the 24th (dinner) and the 25th (lunch) and offers a €155 menu.

    2. We had an amazing lunch at Casa Bleve last Christmas Eve; this was when they had the lunch buffet. I hear they still have many of those items but serve a la carte now. Still, the room was festively decorated, the food was wonderful and the staff was delightful. I highly recommend Casa Bleve if they are open.

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        ill ring casa bleve tomorrow and see if they plan to be open Christmas Eve again. They serve an a la carte menu now but, as ttoommyy says, some of the items that were on the buffet back in the day are now on the menu

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            Casa Bleve is open Dec 24 at lunch and dinner, closed Dec 25.

            Casa Bleve
            Via del Teatro Valle, 46
            00186 Rome, Italy
            066 865970

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              Katie on the spot... She always come through!

              I just want to say again how cozy and festive Casa Bleve was last year (jeez, I can't believe it's a almost a year already!) on Christmas Eve. The room was tastefully decorated and the staff was truly attentive, but not intrusive. Well worth the visit.

              Buon appetito and buon Natale, conor610!

      2. Dining City Rome has started listing restaurants open Christmas and New Year's this year. So far, only a few have indicated when precisely they will be open and whether they will have special menus or given them. Casa Bleve gives its regular menu (so far).