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Nov 19, 2010 09:45 PM

Royal Buffet All You Can Eat Dim Sum/Bass Lake Road/Brooklyn Center-New Hope

looking for reactions to the place price and value and quality wise

Royal Buffet
7112 Bass Lake Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55428

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  1. We went several times a few year ago - average quality ok selection. They did not have Dim Sum back then, not sure if they have now. A few blocks away Crazy Buffet is step up and if you travel a bit further to Brooklyn Center New King Buffet is a much superior choice.

    Brooklyn Center Restaurant
    5637 Brooklyn Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55429

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    1. re: maauwi

      anyone been to royal buffet more recently?? a few years ago is a few centuries in the restaurant world

      1. re: MarkG

        I believe it has changed ownership in last year or so and they started offering the Dim Sum buffet. I did stop in about 6 months ago to look at the dim sum buffet, but didn't stay to eat. I would say looking at the choices offered it has definitely improved though it doesn't look the same level as the Saturday dim sum buffet at 98 pounds. Would love to hear a review if you try it though. I haven't tried it as I felt the other nearby options are a better value. Crazy Buffet, which as mentioned is very close, is decent and cheaper.