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Nov 19, 2010 08:15 PM

Ensenada on a Tuesday

Will be staying in Ensenada next Tuesday and wanted to have some good food and wine, we usually stay in the Valle and eat there but we are just passing through on our way south. Interested in Mulle Tres and Restaurante del Parque but they both appear to be closed on Tuesday, read some posts here and check Massa Assassin's blog but have no luck. Your help would be appreciated.

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  1. Capricho's website doesn't say if they are open on Tuesday, but you can send an email to them. The restaurant at Punta Morro is attached to the hotel, so I am guessing that they are open seven days a week; the same goes for the old (I hope still grest) standby, Restaurante El Rey Sol.

    Capricho's Wine Bar & Store
    Av. Ruiz #138 Col. Centro

    Punta Morro
    Near Hotel Coral, Ensenada

    El Rey Sol
    Lopez Mateos and Blancarte, Ensenada

    1. Friends just went down with the big yacht race last month and they all went to Sano's Restaurant in Ensenada and they all loved the food and great wine list.
      Raved about the steak, salads and service was impeccable.
      It's been awhile, but have always enjoyed El Rey Sol..

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        Thanks Ladies, El Rey Sol is open on Tuesday, I will give it a go.

      2. I wouldnt miss La Gurrerenense on 1st and Alvarado

        heres some of my pictures

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          Great pics, lots of love there. We are planning on hitting La Gurrerenense on the way home. Thanks.