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Nov 19, 2010 07:58 PM

Vegetarian Thanksgiving ... Indian?

I'd like to take a friend and his 13-year old son out for a Thanksgiving dinner (although it will be on Friday night). They're both vegetarian, and they haven't been out much in LA so I'd like to make it kind of special. They live on Westwood border but it might be nice to take them some neighborhood that they wouldn't otherwise be able to get to (they don't have a car). I was wondering if there are any recommendations for a good Indian restaurant that has a lot of vegetarian dishes? I'm not crazy about buffets but it might be a great way for them to try different things? Is there any place with music or that would be particularly colorful? Oh, yeah, and of course, I'm also on a bit of a squeeze budget wise, I'm hoping to spend about $60. I'd really appreciate any advice...

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  1. how about a place in artesia like tirupathi bhimas?

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      Or Radjhani's, that would be my choice. Love their buffet and the fact that people come to your table with freshly made items, all for the taking.

      1. re: choctastic

        I don't like the sweet flavors of this Gujarati cooking, but I agree it's a good choice. I'm more a fan of the cuisine at Udupi Palace, which is completely vegetarian as well. Rajdhani feels more like a special occasion restaurant though.

        18525 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701

        Udupi Palace
        18635 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701