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Nov 19, 2010 06:56 PM

San Remo...Mississauga

Has anyone been? Any good?

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  1. I don't usually go to Italian restaurants but I went since I bought a Wagjag for this location. Nothing was really written up online and I went in with low expectations.

    When we went in, we were the only people in the restaurant... however, as the dinner hour came, more people flowed in bur the restaurant was still quite empty for a sunday evening. The owner seems to be running the show with chefs who you can see through a open kitchen window. Owner appears very hands on, dedicated and motivated.

    The restaurant appears to be relatively new. Everything was done up pretty nicely. Not too noisy, good place for bringing a date. The "clarkson village" feel adds to be ambiance.

    I don't usually go for italian food but the food at this restaurant was actually pretty good. Don't expect massive portions that one would expect at a franchise italian restaurant though. Price was reasonable even without using a coupon. Only complaint was the brushetta could use a little salt...

    1. I just wanted clarification on something. Is San Remo Mississauga completely different from San Remo Bakery in Etobicoke? I know that San Remo was in renovation mode this past summer so was wondering if maybe they had added a restaurant or is the restaurant you speak about entirely unrelated.