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Nov 19, 2010 04:46 PM

The Living Room YYC

Anyone been lately? I remember it being good years ago,
Thinking of going on Sunday night. Any comments greatly appreciated.

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  1. I was there last week. Overall it was good.

    We had the roasted beet salad and PB&J foie gras to start, and then the cheddar/truffle fondue with some side dishes like the lamb popsicles. The roasted beet salad was delicious, on a bed of bison bresaola. The fondue was also excellent, and a perfect size for two. Lamb was perfectly done.

    The PB&J foie gras didn't work for me, though. It was served on a rippled plate, and the peanut butter and preserves were scattered in the plate's grooves. The only seasoning for the foie gras itself was salted cocoa nibs. I wanted something more like the delicious paté de foie gras at DiVino. It was gimmicky and poorly executed, so I instantly felt like a sucker for even ordering it.

    We had some nice wine, too. I know next to nothing about the stuff, but it was a red from Chariot by the glass.

    When we were first seated they put us next to the kitchen and there was a funny smell. Natural gas? Or a mop? Anyway, we asked to be moved and our waiter was a real dick about it. Thankfully they moved us to a nice spot near the front, and the new waiter was great.

    The two tables near us had some loud party people. Lots of swearing and guffaws. The Living Room is right in the heart of 17th Avenue, and this is Calgary, so it makes sense. Still, something to be aware of.